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Welcome to starting over again's blog!

5 Jul 2008 4:15 PM

Stopping by to let you know things are doing good with the new person in my life----But my buisness is not doing so good-I;ve lost two accounts and may lose another----if that happens i'll be in the poor house,and lose all i have. Just when you think things are doing well-- then your hit with another bomb.How much can the person above put you thu--before you break.I was at it before--i may just do it this time.Just when i thought things were going to be alright---then bam ----- hit with something else.I haven't even told the new guy in my life about this yet. Don't want to burden him with it.I know things will look up soon---I just hope it happen before i lose it all. Thanks for letting me share this with you--You all have been there for me and i thank you for that-- You are good friends,

7 Jun 2008 10:59 AM

Hi All,Just letting you know what is going one with me so far.Well to start Mom is doing good-I;m dating again.He is a good man and knows what i went thu with the other guy.We are taking to trip in a few weeks. i just buried a grandbaby a month was a little girl.My son and his wife's.I'm back to working full time.My whole life has took a turn around for the better.This guy is the reason. But i'm still not letting my guard down.I'm still having trouble with eating.So i still am not putting on the weight i lost in oct.In fact i am still loseing it.I'm down to a size 4.and some 3;s.But i know it will change.I know its been ahile on here--but it didn; stop me from thinking of the ones that helped me in my time of need.You were special to me---for i know without you i wouldn't be here right now--it got to that point,I couldn't take it anymore.For that i thank you.

24 Mar 2008 4:34 AM

First i want to wish all a Happy Easter--i had a date this fri and sat ---i found out i can enjoy my self again---as i had told you in the past about the friend of the guy i was dating came and talked to me--well he was the one i went on a date with.the one thing that took me by surprise was a remark he made---that what he had heard was nothing like the person he was with--don;t know what he meant by that--but it was nice from his point of view---i guess some men do talk to others to make themselves feel better about what they do to the people they hurt.i really did enjoy my self with him,he was so sweet on the way he treated me--i don;t know what is going to happen at this point---but i do know i;m getting better each day and the only thing that goes thu my mind is good thoughts and how i can make this life better,and  Starting Over Again.  take care and my luv is with every one of you that has helped me thu this and the advise you gave me

19 Mar 2008 2:20 PM

its me again.just letting you know what is going on in my life right now,well i have gone on a few was with a friend of my ex-i found out some things i didn;t really want to--but the one thing was that his friends thought is was really dumb for what he done to me.and an un few choice words about him--my mother is still the same,not knowing from one day to the next on what is going to happen.i'm working every day and comming home at nite doing nothing--i still do alot of thinking and go into a depressed stage---but not as bad as it was.---so i know from that i'll be ok---being having alot of headaches lately--went to the doctor and i have to have a ct scan to see what is going on.i know its just stress,but you know how doctors are.i'll keep you posted on what is going on.thanks for being there for me --debbie

5 Mar 2008 11:28 AM

Just checking in to let you all know i am doing ok--my mother is doing as well as she can---i can talk to her one day and she doesn;t remember it the next.Just so hard to see her like that.I;m flying by each day on a merry-go-round.Don;t know what is going on--i feel like i'm in a cloud and wounding when i'll come back down to earth.I wounder how i'm making it thu the day without wanting tall. How much can one person take before it ends? I know there is people out there that is worest off more then me---and i feel fangeor them---but just the last 6mos have been pure heck for me and i don;t know when it will change.Ijust hope soon.

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