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Welcome to rossey's blog!

27 Aug 2008 6:14 AM

Hello again,
Thanks to everyone for your support.

Today was my shopping day. The first stop was a visit to the local supermarket where the butcher provides me with off cuts of meat and bones. He is a sweet man, but never seems to smile. But I do get the occassional wink!

The elusive triangle. True to form the French government issued a new law. The vehicle drivers of this country are now required to carry the following : A full set of replacement light bulbs. A fire extinguisher. A reflector jacket,which has to be kept within the body of the car. A first aid kit. And a red triangle. The law was to come into force the end of July. But due to the fact that no triangles could be found in the shops inforcement has been postponed until Oct. We all became fixated with searching the shops for these triangles. Intill last week when they all arrived on mass. Thank goodness, the fine for not having one was 100â?¬.But on a more serious note, the police here can pull you over on the most minor details . A friend of mine in his 70s who was not all that well. failed to stop long enough at a stop sign, being no other traffic on the road.Two police in a unmarked car stopped him and told him he should have stopped to the count of three. They played good cop/badcop with him and marched him along to his cash point to withdraw the fined of 90â?¬. Poor man was very shacken up and shocked. Most of the police here are ex army, and have the finesse of a house brick.Forget the romantic gendarme image.
We don't pay road tax, and have to get our cars MOT every two years. Petrol is cheaper than the UK, but not by much. There are a lot more older cars on the road. My friend who like me drives around with five dogs has her front bumper held together with packing tape.

Have enclosed today a picture of my house which was taken in early spring. Must take some more soon of the flowers in the garden.

Keep smiling

25 Aug 2008 5:23 AM

Hi everyone,
As I said in my profile I live in France on my own,except for my five dogs. In the makeing of this blogg I hope to share with you some of my funny and sometime bizarre experiances. All part of what you have to accept when living in a foreign culture. It's strange, like a marriage - you never know a person untill you live together, same goes for living in a country. Visiting is nothing like living there.

Many people are amazed that I up- sticks and came here to live on my own. Especially as my French was so poor. Well the previous five year had been a living hell, and I just needed to run away and hide somewhere. I felt life could not possibly do any more damage to me. Wow let's not get too heavy!

Next week the children go back to school. The shops are full of worried faced parents with long list of equipment issued by the various school that are required for the child's education. Must cost a forture!The children are expected to supply mounds of books and stationery not to mention uniforms, even white coats.

The month of August is holiday time here, some bussiness shut down for whole month.  All the local towns of Normandy are full of tourist. Paris closes down in Aug and I think most of them must come here. They consider the Cherbourg peninsula very healthy with a sea on both sides the air is very fresh-- too fresh at times.This summer like the UK has been a wash out.

Have enclosed a photo of our local beach dogs included.

Bye for now -Rossey