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Welcome to olive oil's blog!

21 Dec 2007 3:09 PM

Played golf with Alex yesterday.  It's been a long time since I last played with Alex. Perhaps 2 or 3 years.
Alex is a pleasant sort of bloke . Friendly, chatty , humous. He's a dentist. Only found that out yesterday. He shares a practice with 4 other dentists .    Somehow he even looks like a dentist .....Whatever that is meant to mean .

Anyway,  Alex has a secret.  Alex wears a wig
Seems sort of weird, in todays world.  These days follicly challenged men seem to either have it clipped very short or just shave their heads completely.  Seems that wigs are such a thing of the past ..

Alex is sort of caught .  He can not just stop wearing it now .. The tranformation would be just too severe . If he were to , then everyone would know that he as has been wearing a wig all along .

But as I've already stated ...We all know that he wears a wig .
I wonder whether he realises that everyone already knows that he wear a carpet on his head ?
Even his regular playing partners never mention anything about it to him ..
No one wants to cause any embarressment .  As I said he's a nice bloke .

I wonder if Alex would like to be able to discard it . I wonder if he would love to just go bald like so many others .
I know that when I wear a hat in the hot weather , that my head just leaks sweat . So I can not imagine how he must feel under is hairy hat.
It must be awful for Alex. At least I can take my hat of occasionally ,to let a bit of air to my head .

Makes me wonder what amount of vanity it must take to make a man start to wear a wig . Once you start you are doomed to eternity to wear it . I wonder if his wife knows??  The worst part is , that as you get older ,the more ridiculous it looks .

I knew a man in Melbourne who wore a wig .  Actually he wore 3.  He'd change it every 2 weeks .Each one was a litle longer than the previous.  After 6 weeks he'd go back to the first one .... ie .. he'd had a hair cut    sad isn't it .
Everyone knew he wore a wig as well  I wonder whether he really believed he was fooling anyone other than himself .

Alex was my playing partner yesterday.  We won $2.00
Told you he was a good bloke .

16 Oct 2007 4:02 PM

Well ,  What can I  say about you people .
Do you not recognise the warnings .

Off you all go on a merry jaunt through a Haunted Castle . oh this will be fun .
hahaha good old Ynot as thought up another little play for us all to join in with
What would we do with out dear sweet Ynot . What a character he is . So funny , makes us all laugh .ohohoho

Fools Fools everyone of you .  Have you all forgotten that he is an escaped lunatic from GLENSIDE MENTAL HOSPTAL
Don't you remember how he tricked Joyous and Flossy into helping him evade the authorities back at the BOX .  How they help to to escape to Rio . How he led them into a life of crime . Alcoholism ,drug abuse jewelry theft . How he got them into strife with the brazillian underworld .

And this latest trip to Hospital ..Whats that all about .  How does a man suffer a major Heart attack one day , and the next he's off and running excursions for unsuspecting females in the guise of a Haunted Castle holiday trip .

Dont say you have not been warned .

20 May 2007 4:52 PM

Welcome , From all of us .  We may seem like a friendly bunch , but be very aware that we are out to get you ..

We are out to get you to become a a part of our community . 
Thats right .  We want you to become part of this little group of people. 

But first I must warn you ..You have to forget about watching TV .. You will  find that even "Desparate Housewives" is not as engrossing as being on line with us . 

You must be prepared to meet other people of similar ilk.
There are people here that will be interested in what you have to say .They may not agree with you . But they will respect your views .

They will offer humour , they will offer advice , sympathy is a feature . Friendship
is their speciality .
So again I warn you ....... Are you ready for this ready to like us