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Welcome to murdoch's blog!

31 Oct 2008 2:10 PM

Hello peoples, having investigated the discussion and blogs, which can be quite interesting. I feel the discussions are full of great life experiences, information and advice. They reveal much about some people, and can be quite a supportive and cathartic resource for the few that have joined the site.
The discussion and chat rooms have some problems, that I'm sure will be ironed out in time and may not be my preferred method of interacting at this stage of my life, but are intruiging. The consider the blog may well be a better resource  for me to reach out.
With my life being so busy and hectic, thus leaving me little time for any other activities- I would like to do some fishing, targetting catfish. In the Lake Hume weir of north -east victoria. I prefer to put the line in the water and enjoy the tussle, if those in the know of when they are on the bite, I would appreciate the best location and preferred time line of ensuring a catch. there could be some fish tales to share at a later time.
Well, that's what I'm about-over to you.