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Welcome to misspenny's blog!

7 May 2007 2:34 PM

Well guys hope your all had a great w/end! Got workmen in renovating my bathroom so a bit noisy and no hot water.  You know something i have a really interesting and sometimes difficult life and the best i can come up with is "im having my bathroom done" how sad. 
Well i could tell you that i lost my house and all my treasures in cyclone Tracey.  I was lucky to only loose material things.  I now believe this was one of the best things that happened to me it changed the way i look at life.  When the tsunami hit 30yrs and 2days after TraceyI was shattered seeing all those poor people with nothing!  I had a family and friends in Adelaide who all gathered around (i was 7 months pregnant) we had somewhere warm to sleep and a roof over our heads.  I am a rotarian and our club got off 3 containers of hospital beds tents and medical supplies building supplies our club worked day and night to achieve this.  It helped me cope!  Well there i have shared something with you.  Remember it is only what we give away that enriches us from day to day (share your love and the gifts you have been given)