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Welcome to jaszguy's blog!

30 Jun 2008 9:42 AM

10 Jun 2008 12:56 AM

Hoping everyone is in good health and happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
my day off,, yes a Monday. lovestrai8,, I hope you hava great time here. But with gas now $4 you may want to just rent a "Welcome to Florida" video, while you sit in a cool pool and eating some juicy GA peaches,, :) sounds good to me lol
Funny, I actually feel great even after being "whipped" at work  lol. Ok, a little dramatic, I know. But doing well, Florida is hot,sunny and the "Mouse is in the House" (orlando)lol, that time of year. It is time to prop feet up, think about my friends and give them a big SKOL,,,,CHEERS AND KOMPAI!!LOL
So very true ,, one does have to enjoy a moment when it happends. Now is when I need that hammock LOL :) Wishing everyone joy, good health and much wealth :)

7 Jun 2008 7:05 PM

stopped by to say hi, hoping all is well. It's odd,, tooo many people been lsoing their jobs here while I've been working 12 14 once 16 hours a day since Monday. I got enough energy to lift 1, no,, 2 fingers :) to type. Not enough people where I work.
Yes, I am thankful but they need to go easier on OGs,, old guys
Beautiful Florida, pretty beaches no time to enjoy right now. Do we still have a sun? Go to work before sunrise, come home when sun is long gone. Feel like  a bat. Hoping everyone and families are in good health. Got to go, sun's coming up,:)

27 May 2008 10:41 PM

i may have 20 or more attempts at getting pics on my blogs,, just ignore me, slip by quickly and you won't have to suffer :) thanks