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Welcome to footloose in oz's blog!

14 Aug 2012 7:56 PM

In case you missed it on 60 minutes. Correspondent Andy Rooney said "As I grow in age I value women over 50.

Here are just a few reasons why.

A woman over 50 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask "what are you thinking?" She doesnt care what you think.

If a woman over 50 doesnt want to watch the game, she doesnt sit around whining about it, she goes and does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting.

Women over 50 are more dignified.  They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant.  Of course if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it.

Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what its like to be unappriciated.

Women get psychic as they age, you never have to confess your sins to a woman over 50.

Once you get a wrinkle or two, a woman over 50 is far sexier than her younger counterpart.

Older women are more forthright and honest.  They'll tell you right off  if you are a jerk or if you are acting like one.  You don't ever have to wonder where you stand with her.

Yes we praise women over 50 for a multitude of reasons.  Unfortunately, its not reciprocal.  For ever stunning , smart, well dressed hot woman over 50 there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22 year  old waitress.

For all those men who say "why buy a cow when you can get milk for free, here's an update for you -

Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage.

WHY?  Because women realise it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!!!!

Andy Rooney is a smart man!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Jul 2012 11:26 AM

While I was away visiting Lea in Darwin, my dog Dylan was staying at the farm with Julie.  It did not take him long to be a farm dog again with the help of Bear the Golden Retriever, Bandit  and Gizmo the other farm dogs.
Fabio the male turkey has become a dad  and is very much on guard , the other dogs have a tussle with him from time to time, but Dylan being the new boy on the farm, decided to checkout the young turkeys,  enter Fabio!!  Dylan got bit and Fabio lost several tail feathers!!  Dylan now knows  to keep well away.
His next close encounter was with Oscar, one of the donkeys.  Now Bear and co. know you do not go in his paddock. but they never told Dylan  who had to be rescued by Julie after he was cornered by a very angry Oscar.
Apart from these mishaps , he had a good time and Julie even let him sleep on her bed, knowing how much I spoil him.
I returned to the farm, happy to see my "boy"again and to catch up with all the news from Julie.
Julie being the madwoman I know her as, decided, it would be good fun to take the dogs to the beach (an hours drive away) and have fish and chips.
As her car was loaded for the market the next day, everyone packed into my car.
Dylan was not happy, he has never had to share the back seat with another dog and to make matters worse Bear sat in his place and refused to move , so Dylan rested his head over the back seat and sulked all the way to the beach , with the occasional growl if Bear moved.
On arrival at the beach it was fun and games getting 4 excited dogs onto leads .  Jules took Bear and Bandit ,  I had Dylan and Gizmo.  Now Julies dogs are not used to walking on leads, they are farm dogs, streets with people, pushchairs, kids on scooters, traffic are all exciting for them and Julie was dragged along watched by many people who all commented "oh look at the big dogs!!"
I on the other hand had Gizmo pulling on the lead all excited, and Dylan mooching along as normal  being quite used to people, traffic etc,  so I had one arm stretched forward the other backwards.  Do you know how many trees line a street in Noosa!!  Dylan does, he stopped at everyone to read the "doggy newspaper"!!!
The fish and chips were great, then its back to the car to return home.  But not so quick,  Jules then had the idea to stop at MacDonalds and get an ice cream cone for the dogs!!  I Knew she was mad!!!
After the ice cream stop, we headed home,Dylan got his seat in the back seat, but Bear decided to stretchout and go to sleep  so Dylan had to sit up all the way.
Dogs are like kids, on the way out its áre we there yet?  on the way home they fall asleep!!  peace and quiet, well almost there was still the odd groan from a disgruntled Dylan but all in all it was a good day.
Next day it was good bye  to Jules and the farm as mé and my boy headed home, just the 2 of us , back to normal!!!

11 Jul 2012 11:00 AM

Hi everyone,

Well I am back from my trip to the Northern Territory the Top End of Australia.
I was surprised to find Darwin the capital city of that state was not as big as I expected, its more like a large country town.
The roads are amazing, so wide and not a pot hole to be seen!!  Queensland could learn alot from this.  No doubt the fact that Roadtrains are everywhere, the road surface has to be good. 
Its quite amazing to see a semi with 4 trailers, and they know how to travel , no stopping them.
Its mid winter in Darwin, but to me the weather was great,  22-24C at night and 30-33C during the day, sunshine and no humidity.  It has not rained for months but when the wet season arrives I am told it very humid and rains like you would not believe,  the thunder storms are a sight to see.
It was great catching up with my friend Lea,  she took me to loads of places.  One place we stayed at over night was at Litchfield National Park, great waterfalls, waterholes the water so clear and fish swimming around you.  No Crocs!!  Huge termite mounds were everywhere.  Of course my trip had to have some adventure, and this was caused by a man that for some reason decided to behead a man in NSW then make his way to the Top End, to hide out,  so the police were everywhere, helicopters hunting over head,, and guess where he decided to hole up?  Litchfield NP!!  so we were constantly on the lookout for a mad man with guns ready to behead us!!  Lea being a sook decided it was better to have all the windows closed in the cabin over night just incase he decided to climb in!!  Now why I ask would be pick our cabin over all the others in the holiday park?
We survived  and returned to Darwin,  the decapitor was eventually caught and returned to NSW
The markets are great, especially the beachside market, as the sunsets almost everyone sits on the beach, many with glasses of wine and watches the sun sink into the ocean.
One day we hit the shops then lunchtime found a cafe by the wharf and had Croc and Chips.  tastes a bit like chicken/calami,  a bit chewy but quite nice,  I would eat it again,
All in all I had a great time, fun with my mate, loads of shopping, experiencing new things and seeing new places.  I will visit again.

10 Jun 2012 5:29 AM

Hi everyone, well I have picked myself up , dusted myself off and have started again.
Sorry if I sounded so down in my last blog, but I really did feel like my world had come crushing down.
Thanks to good people I am now settled again.
My van is sold, no regrets,  I am now living in a small house by the beach with my dog
I have raided the local second hand shops and furnished my home,  it goods good now, feels homely.  Dylan is happy , loves to be back at the beach.  Its winter here now, the days are good, but when the sun goes down so does the temp.  No worries I curl up on the sofa with Dylan under a blanket , he is like big heater!!!
Next weekend I am off back to the farm with Jules, we have kept in touch, if nothing else I have a good friend from my footloose adventure.
Lots has been happening at the farm,  poor Elvis the goat has died, but Fabio the turkey is the proud dad of 3 chicks. 
I will be staying with Jules for a week then leaving Dylan there while I fly to Darwin .
My friend Lea has paid for me to visit , which is so kind of her, its going to be so good seeing her again and celebrating her 40th birthday.  we are good mates even though I am old enough to be her mum,  both my girls are older than she is!!!
Have to pack 2 suitcases,  Jules farm will be really cold as she living in the hinterland, whereas Darwin even in winter is over 30C during the day.
Have you noticed I am no longer blonde?  decided to have a change, maybe I will find the love of my life  with a different look.  lol  but looks are looks,  I am still the same person !!!
Well my next blog will be about the farm and Darwin.  Lea emailed to say bring my togs and a spear gun !!  lot of crocs in Darwin waters!!!
Somehow I dont think I will be going in the water.
Photo is of Lea with her dog Pepper and my Dylan , taken before she left to live in Darwin.

26 Mar 2012 9:43 PM

Second day on the road, heading back to Bundaberg to sort out my storage shed catch up with some friends. 
Weather was not too bad to start but the further north so more rain. 
Decided as the weather was closing in to get as far as Childers, do some shopping then stop in the rest area which is walking distance to some friends.
10kms  short of Childers my oil light came on.  Pulled off the highway and with the help of a very nice ambulance man,  (I was parked outside their station)  we checked the oil (which I had done the day before,)  it was empty!!  we put as much oil in as I had and I set off down the road again.
Noticing that my petrol was getting low, I flicked over to run on LPG but for some reason it would not change over,  so on a wing and a pray I made it to the next servo and filled up with petrol.
Yet again I hit the road,  but my van was sick,  very very sick, coughing , smoking so much my smoke detector inside the cabin started going,  Dylan was in a panic, the alarm was so loud,  its pouring with rain, main highway with trucks doing well over the speed limit and I am not sure if my van is on fire or what?
I pulled on the verge and checked , no fire, shut off the alarm then slowly, very very slowing  drove on a bit further to a side road of the highway and called RACQ for help.
10mins later the mechanci arrives, grunts and groans, says its big trouble and takes off again, telling him he will get a tow truck .
20mins late RACQ tow truck arrives, nice man this time!!  and yes, for the 3rd time my van  with Dylan in the driving seat is inched up onto the tow truck.
As they think its a LPG problem  I am taken into Bundaberg to a gas mechanic.
This was not the way I wanted to arrive back home in Bundy!!!
By now its bucketing down,  I am soaked to the skin  while my van is taken off the tow truck. 
The mechanic eventually comes out to the van and has a quick look, starts the engine and then tells me its very serious.  Estimate $1500+ to fix, depending on what he finds. 
I am devastated,  $1500 is beyond me, even $500 is beyond me!!  I ask him if I can stay parked in his yard over night while I try to figure out what to do.
I am numb,  I have no money,,no one to ask for help , I cannot drive anywhere,  I just have no idea what to do.
An hour later , Marty the mechanic (owner) reappears at my van and tells me he will have a quick look to see if he can do something  that would get me on the road , but it would only be a temp repair if that.
While he is doing this his wife Michelle begins chatting to me,  very nice lady, same age as my Tania.
Marty gets the van running and I thank them and go to leave when they ask if I would like to park at their place until I decide what to do? 
How do I manage to find such nice people?  The tell me that they have to stop at their daughters round the corner and invite me to have dinner with them.
So with Michelle in the lead car, and Marty following I feel quite safe  knowing I amnot alone.
Dinner was good, their are vegartians, so it was different for me, (I love a nice steak!!)  also they are very devoted to their church, and before I realise I am sitting with them in their church for Bible lessons.
Eventually we get to their place and I am alone with my thoughts.
Its now 5 days later, Marty has taken my van into his workshop , he has told me he will get it running  well enough for me to sell ( I WANT TO SELL)  he said I can pay him when ever I can.
I am now homeless in a sense,  living in a small caravan at the back of their property, with no real idea what will happen next. 
I am thankful I have found such caring people, thankful that I have a bed to sleep in and my Dylan.  But my footloose days are over,  even if the van is fixed I have lost all confidence in driving it,  I have been fated with that van from day one,  I am letting the van win!!  My girls have gone, now my van. I just want a home.
Goodbye my friends,  thankyou for all the comments over the recent months.
take care, love Jan

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