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Welcome to catintheforest44's blog!

4 Aug 2008 4:04 AM

...sometimes I go inside myself to that quiet is exquiste place...a place of solitude....all I hear is the beating of my heart....  in this place of trees and open places are so many wonderful things to see...I share with you, all that care to see, ......the roses,  oh my they are so beautiful and I watch them as they unfold their petals and smile with me...such comfort.....  Oh my! is a crimson butterfly.....                    life.....ahhh.....I love it!!                       

21 May 2008 6:15 PM

A tiny little bird came under my care yesterday.....I dug him worms,I mixed them with a little dirt and I fed them to him.  I thought perhaps I was not doing enough though he was just chirpping away, so I googled "feeding wild baby birds>there I found a formula......fed him that.....he was just fine when I put him on top of the dryer and closed the door.  That Marbles--my sister's stupid cat!!! I found the door to the laundry slightly cracked this morning.  That stupid cat must have terrorized the poor little bird.....I found him dead.
I have been very mean acting toward that Marbles all day....I have thought it over while taking a ride this evening.  My apology is in is a cat's nature, I know.
Still, I hate that stupid cat.
Do you think maybe I overdid it with the formula....should I have stuck with the worms.  I bet if I had let him sleep close to me he'd still be chirpping away.
I  think Marbles is looking for more birds...........      Such is life.