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4 Oct 2013 4:17 AM

i was in the hospital and i liked and got along well with most the nurses and attendents, cept one, a nurse always talked to me like i was a child,, have we eaten our oatmeal,, no??? we really must eat all our oatmeal, its good for us,, doctor sez we must eat every bit of our meal prepared for us by our dietician,, its good for us,, have we collected our urine as asked by our friendly nursing staff,, we must strive to do better,, let me tell you,, i was gettin pretty dang tired of us,, someone brought us a little cup of apple juice, left it on our tablwe when we were sleepin, we ws sippin on that apple juice an we got to thinkin,, mna that sure lookas like P,, were goin humh,, so we asked a cute lil candt striper,  can we have another cup a this apple joose,, she did an we put that in that lil plAstic sample bottle left on our nitestand,, cratchett walked in an sed,, oh goody we saved our lil sample like were sposed to,, but,, it looks pretty cloudy,, i grabbed it up, tolder,, well try harder to filter it better this time thru,, an we swallered it right down,, now cratcheet grabbed her throat, let out this lil sqeaky noise an run outa there like she was onna fire drill,, let me tell you,, cratchett avoided me like i was one them charity  cases from down on that leprosy ward,, there was a black lady there,, big lady,, sheed look at me,, giggle at mee an say oh you so bad ,, gt your bad self back up in at bed, look what u done , done to cratchett, lordy,, apple juice,, i done heard bout you,, u done near ruined cratchett,,, her name was marie jackson,, big momma jackon, or big momma marie, or muhdear,, she wasnt a nurse,, she was an LPN, she told me,, she sed i done tole them dont mess with no old men,, they mess with you,, she sed, see what u done done with apple juice,,Big momma would pat me onna hand an say i done toldem dont mess with no old men

20 Jun 2011 4:54 PM

hi simplicityyy,,, your a pretty lady, pleasant appearance,, i find that a ldy with a smiling pleasant faceeeeeee usually has a pleasant smiling personaality to match, i like looking at realyold photos like company picnics men ladies on the streets and picking out the pics of the pleasant faces from the scowling faces and imagining what theyre like, put something in your blog dear so people cabn respond to you, im sure u will find many pleasant friends here,,,, i have, married one them too, nanna, our is coming up in aug, 2 years,,, have fin, let us know, buck,,, hey guys, post,, letter know shes neede here, wanted,, we need more very pleasant, ptretty ladies here, buck

16 Jun 2011 10:43 PM

thias may sound a litttle straange but here goes..i just made friends with this man, hess a caretaker at our local airporrt,, he doewnt have land, or property, hi wife just died, long illlness,, she made him promise he wud search another companion, i said i would help to thee esxtent of telling his story and passssing any interestd names on to him,,, hes not a bum, hiw wifes illness ate all his resources except a relatively new diesel truck and some houshold furnishings,,, ive been in his home, hes clean, tidy, k he keeps his little house ordered, im sure there will be some that thinks this is insane, i think this guy is just doing what he promised his wife, i wint answer any vehement response, he doesnt do any computer stuff, if theres any interest , let me know, ill pass messages, i think hes just a nice guy trying ti regaain some semblance of naormalcy, just like i did three years ago,,

26 May 2008 11:21 AM

i beennn satying awaay, cause i had some seriaouss troauabale here,,, didntw want u guys to worry unduly,,,, but now i can say,, sevedral ;thaisngs, each seemed worse,,, prostate was bad,,, needed surgeary,, they wouldnt do it, siad ekg said i had massive heart attack,,, didnt feel bad tho,,, schedualed for eval ;by cardio doc,,, he fisrt siadi i did not have heart attack but was going to,, heart arteryy was blcoked, then after tests and some more scares, schedudled for cath and stint,,,, yesssterdaay, after cath, found no need for sting or bypass, so now i can have      fix for prosstae, not coamplaining, im greatfual for every day, and greteful for my friends who stuck by me,,thanks,,,