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Welcome to boppy's blog!

27 Oct 2009 10:33 AM

My Mother used to call me "Grace"
Due to my clumsy natured way
Doing silly antics or telling a joke
Loving to share my sense of humor

My passion is to compose a poem
As a person with a gentle old soul
With loads of love and much more
God knows I am just little old me

My health isn't too stable anymore
My walk is a little bit cautious now
At night the old rooster crows at me
A gurney follows me day and night

My earthly days are numbered now
And I know that my redeemer calls
Even of the wrongs that I have done
I do know that God wants me as I am
By: Brenda Hall

7 Jul 2009 12:49 PM

Liberty lives in New York Harbor
A symbol of our country, America
Her eyes can see over the seas
Standing tall in her shining glory

Embracing a book in her left arm
Carrying Laws of America's land
The burning torch leads the way
To the gateway of opportunities

Leaving an old life behind for new
For those who come to our shores
Respect the lady who offeres a gift
Honor our lady, The Statue of Liberty

By: Brenda Hall aka boppy

23 Jun 2009 8:35 PM

To hate is not healthy nor heavenly
Because life dealt one of life's cards
Where does the thoughts come from
Stop and look deep within yourself

Thoughts come from an ego place
Some thoughts get out of control
Egos and thoughts never leave us
But, don't let them wander away

God created you and by your side
For control and peace in you mind
Center yourself and a beauty within
For you have the ability for balance

To feel freedom from a mind's battle
Taking deep breaths slow life down
Go and enjoy a life no matter what
Life just dealt one more challenge

By: Brenda Hall aka boppy

6 Jun 2009 8:11 PM

A Summer's Breeze

The warmth of air engulfs a windy day
Like babies breath sweet and warm
And rustling treetops sway to and fro
Kites flies high and touches blue skies

Bees are busy collecting sweet nectar
Pollinating the best of summer flowers
An aroma of scents flow through the air
Destinct smells of a summer breeze

Darkness befalls end of a windy day
Signs of night emerge in a star-lit sky
Lightening bugs flit in hurried flight
A flickering neon-light leads their way

With the sounds of crickets and frogs
The lazy night continues on its course
In the wee hours a coolness prevails
And it belongs to a summer breeze

By: Brenda Hall aka boppy

22 May 2009 6:42 AM

Our Country comes together today
For our Soldiers both near and far
Who fought for a choice of freedom
We pay tribute in this month of May

By taking time to show compassion
We bless every Soldier far and wide
With humble gratitude and respect
For the greatness we equally share

Soldiers who are courageously brave
Gives the ultimate price for our rights
Our flags fly with strength and honor
As we all gather on this Memorial Day

By: Brenda Hall aka boppy

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