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Welcome to Cregan1's blog!

11 Apr 2014 1:29 AM

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27 Feb 2014 1:09 AM

Admin didn't like my blog either.

You knew it was coming. You smiled when I said I was going to write it. You even approved the pic! (Your pic no less) What made you change your mind?

Georgios! Why?

4 Dec 2013 5:41 AM

Ok, so here's a good one I just read in La Gazzetta dello Sport today.

They still have a problem with soccer violence or disturbances in Italy. A lot of the problems come from clubs known as Ultras. Ultras are the evolution of English Soccer Hooligans. They make a lot of noise & disturbance in the stadiums and sometimes pick fights with Ultras of the visiting teams, outside of the stadium.

Football or Soccer stadiums are usually built in an oval shape. Ultras usually sit in the cheap seats at the curves. Normally one curve, let' say the North curve is reserved for home team supporters and the Ultra usually buy these tickets in blocks, even at reduced prices with certain teams. The South curve then would be available for visiting Ultra fans. Keep them separated is the idea.

Another problem we have today is Racism. Fans shout a lot of evil things at non-white players (sometimes just to upset them and put them off their game) and the leagues are beginning to address this problem. 

So when there are incidents of violence, disturbance or racism, the league has begun to hold the home team & club responsible. Depending on the gravity of the problems, the league can fine teams or make them play the next game with an empty section where no tickets are sold, invariably the curve, or even force them to play to an empty stadium. The home team suffers with no ticket sales & no crowd rooting for them.

So I read in the papers these days that this actually happened to my team Juventus, 2 home games ago. There was a lot of trouble, racist insults shouted out & such from the home town curve. The decision was made that the curve would be closed, the next time Juve played at home.

So then someone had the bright idea of inviting children. Along the popular theme today of making stadiums safer and more suitable to families and bringing kids back to the stadiums, Juventus proposed to the league that in their next match, they would give all the tickets for the curve away for free to children's groups & fill it up with kids. The league saw great public relations values in this gesture, approved it and they filled up the north curve with happy young children.

So the game came & went. Juventus won, 1-0 against Udinese. It was in all the papers with pictures & such. The stories were great and the columnists had a ball.  Apparently the kids closest to the Udinese goalie bombarded that guy with insults and dirty language for the entire first half of the game. 

The league hit Juventus with a symbolic fine of 5,000 Euros and dropped all plans for any future public relations initiatives of this sort.   

1 Dec 2013 4:35 AM

Well folks, it is holiday season again. As I did last year, I will be making Arancello at home to give to my friends as gifts for Christmas. Last year I spend about $130 to make 20 bottles. I figured $130 for all of my Christmas shopping was pretty good. I can only assume that all the articles listed below will cost less in America. Anyway, here it my recipe. 

Cream di Arancello 

To give you an idea, Limoncello is a drink they make in the south of Italy. They skin a bunch of lemons and throw the peelings into alcohol for a couple of weeks. Then they mix the alcohol with sugar & water and serve cold. If you Google it, you'll prolly get 20 different recipes (in Italian) to choose from. Cream  di Arancello means it's made from milk and oranges. It's also important to call it with it's proper name, Arancello rather than the Americanized Orangecello. It will impress your friends.

So here's mine:

20 big oranges
1 litre (quart) of 95% pure grain alcohol
2 litres (quarts) of whole milk
1 kilo (2.2 lbs) sugar (maybe you could use one of those artificial diet sugars but I wouldn't know the proportions)
1-2 big vanilla sticks

It's better if you can get oranges that haven't been sprayed with anything. Over here they call that "Bio". Anyway, you need to wash them real good in warm water. Really scrub them. Then dry and  peel the oranges. I would suggest using a potato peeler because you only want the super thin orange part. The white part of the peel is useless and will only soak up alcohol. You'll still lose about 10%. So put the orange peels in the alcohol and leave them sit for 2-3 weeks. I use quart Mason jars for this. Close tight. What do you do with 20 slightly peeled oranges? Make fresh squeezed orange juice or throw them at the neighbor's cat. Be creative.

After 2-3 weeks you'll see the alcohol has a nice orange colour (unless you use grapes or pickles of course). At that point, mix the milk, sugar and vanilla in a large pot. Strain the peelings from the alcohol and chuck those in too. Bring this all to a slow boil, stirring with any adverb you prefer. Once the sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat & let it all cool down for a couple of hours.

Then you need to fish the orange peels out of the milk. I suggest a large strainer and a funnel. Using spoon takes forever. After that, you should strain the liquid again with a smaller strainer (for tea
maybe?) to get all the little particles of vanilla or what not out of there and bottle it. Forget using a coffee filter or paper napkin. It takes forever. You can suck on the vanilla stick while you're doing it. Close the bottles up tight and put them in the fridge for a few days to blend properly. 

It should be served as cold as you can get it, but don't freeze it. I would also suggest not using real cream because it gets too thick & comes out of the bottle like ketchup.

Cream di Arancello is good as an after dinner drink, poured over ice cream or deserts or simply as a baby sitting aide.


27 Nov 2013 2:43 AM

Got it sorted. thanks


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