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Welcome to Anne teakz's blog!

4 Jul 2008 4:14 PM

Happy Birthday USA
Hope you all have great fun celebrating
(my dad would have been 96 today)

2 Jul 2008 4:10 PM

Hi everyone, its been a few months since I was here, been living life in the fast  Had lots going on & not sleeping well, therefore no energy for computer time.
Determined now to get back to normal (well for me anyway..haha).  My brothers treatment is working & he's on the road to recovery, mum (87 yesterday) has been in hospital but we are sailing along at the moment, all visitors have left, my ongoing car and dental problems all seem ok at last,  have cut back on my volunteer hours a bit, and my divorce went thru I feel a bit more settled with that all behind me.
Looking forward to catching up with my old friends, & to meeting new ones

26 Dec 2007 10:59 PM

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends, as did I.  Great to catch up with all the relis and have a chat and a drink together.  Had a nice laid back day today.  I cant get over the weather we are having this side of the country at this time of the year.  Was the first time i can ever remember being cold on Christmas Day.  It was overcast all day with a cool strong wind blowing, so that put a damper on all those planning the usual picnic in the park or the day on the beach.  BRRRRRRRRR.  I haven't even had the air con on so far this summer, and the fans only twice so far.  Normally the heat arrives late september thur to Easter. 
Our famers prayers were answered in some parts of this state, with the first rains for this time of the year, in seven years, some towns are even flooded.  I hope this El nina stays for a while, at least til we can build up our precious water supplies again.  Other states west seem to be having our usual summer weather with 100deg temps and raging bush fires, we have had some very extreme weather in the last 5 years, so this Christmas has been a lot more relaxing.

I put my hand up to let my nephews 14yr old son stay and have a holiday with us for a week, babysitting a 5yr old and 18m old tomorrow, and another nephews 11 & 5yr old boys are coming for a weeks holiday on the weekend.  Can you tell I have no grandkids yet?  I'm feeding and cleaning 30 cats each day in the vets next door, who are boarding for the holidays.  I think come new years eve i will have post traumatic stresssssss, and will be ready to drink in the new year.


20 Dec 2007 12:25 AM

Had an exciting day today, my daughter Lauren got her Higher School Certificate results and had good passes in all subjects.  I am so thrilled for her, she has had learning difficulties all through her school life, and three years ago had a turnaround, that has given her above average results, and high passes in 2 subjects.  I am so proud of her, I had to share.

14 Dec 2007 12:01 AM

Would like to start again and re do today.  Was doing a quick feed and clean this morning at the vets next door, when a lady rang emergency bell, had a small breed dog in labour, very distressed (lady and dog).  Vet had to do emergency C section to get the puppies, and i had to help out by rubbing their chests and blowing air at their mouths to try to get them going, which due to anaesthetic given to mother, took about 15-20 mins each pup.  Plus opening time had arrived, waiting room full, phone ringing....three of us trying to get life going.  Finally all pups were breathing, though one had other problems that i wont go into that didnt make it, and sadly either did mum.  Really breaks your heart, and stays with you.

On that note I had to rush off to pick up one of my ladies for her drs appointment, only to have an elderly gentleman back out of a parking spot into me, as we were leaving.  He saw me go past him, but didnt check his other side to realise i had stopped to allow another car out.  Only surface paint damage luckily, and the dear offered me $20 to fix.  I said give me your number and i will let you know how much, to which he promptly took out a $50, which i accepted, though I didnt really want to.  I only did because i had recently had to fork out  $$ for someone sideswiping me when i was parked out front of my house (didnt stop of course) for the second time.  My fix it man is going to repair for $40 (phew) so that was good.

So these events put the whole day out of whack for me, and i managed to get breakfast at about 1pm.  Now here it is almost 1am and I still cant get that poor dog and puppies out of my head.  Sorry to make you all sad, things like this happen from time to time to me at the vets, and i just bottle it up, but now that I have all these wonderful new friends, I decided to put it all out there, hope you understand.

Here's to a brighter tomorrow, for us and our furry and feathered friends.